Are intakes ricey?

Intakes can be rice too. While they may only be under the hood a good ear can hear them.Some intakes that look cooler with flashy colors and big air filters may actually be worse for the car.  If the intake air is not extracted from an area of cold temp efficiently and to the correct specifications it will actually cause the vehicle to have reduced horse power and less performance. This makes most aftermarket air filters and intake systems, that may not be properly researcher and developed, simply eye candy. A properly flowing air filter will bring in the correct amount of air flow at cold temp thus improving the volumetric efficiency of the engine. Most of the time the company that has the means and time to provide this ample amount of research and development is the manufacturer. This is why in many cases, adding on an aftermarket air filter or intake will void your vehicles warranty unless it is provided through the manufacturer or is a manufacturer approved brand.

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