Is underglow ricey?

To put it simply, yes.

Underglow is a strictly appearance based modification and provides zero performance gain. For those of you who don’t know what underglow is, this is it. Underglow is a light system that installed to illuminate the lowest portion of the vehicles body.

There is absolutely no performance gain by installing these on your car. If anything it is adding on unnecessary weight that just slows the vehicle down. These light kits depending on where you buy it can be pretty cheap in terms of quality. A lot of the time, the pre-made kits are not perfect fits for individual cars but have a standard shape that somewhat fit most. Those kits that are made to fit multiple vehicles don’t come with housings to protect the wires as well. So you’re leaving those wires completely exposed on the underside of your vehicle. This does cause problems for not only the lights itself but for whatever else it is attached too. If any of the wire attach to anything and get snagged it can rip off accessory pieces to the underside of the car.  In most states underglow is actually illegal to run on your vehicle. To many other drivers around you, it is very distracting and can cause possible car accidents. Some states do allow it but have strict restrictions on where it is allowed to be installed and what color it can be.

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