Smooth throttle upon clutch engagement

Have you ever heard an obnoxious car (typically Honda drivers) at a stop making weird noises?  Similar to the one below?

You may hear interesting noises right as they’re going to leave they’re parking space. The sound that i’m talking about is of an inexperienced manual car operator. It will sound like said driver is not smoothly depressing the throttle but gently and repeatedly tapping on the gas. This is something that is very difficult to achieve in a real performance car. A commonly used technique in front wheel drive vehicles with small wheels is flicking the gas while pulling out the clutch to prevent stalling out. This is a technique that inexperienced drivers will use to drive manual cars. The reason why this is considered ricey is because you literally can’t do this with any car that has any amount of unsprung weight, aka anything that is rear wheel drive or all wheel drive cars. Unsprung weight is what happens when you have a drivetrain built to handle any amount of power the weight of the components in the transmission, drive shaft, differentials, and even the wheels and tires will cause most vehicles that are able to handle power to need more gas upon initial acceleration¬† or you’ll have to have a clutch grabby enough to handle the power coming out of the engine. There is absolutely no benefit for tapping the gas before acceleration, it is solely

used for hiding the fact that those drivers do not know how to drive manuals car properly.

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