Why do people slam their cars down low??

Ride Height.

Why do people lower their cars? Isn’t it just a thing ricers do?

Lowering your suspension is a very common aftermarket modification which causes the vehicle to sit lower to the ground. There are some pretty good benefits to lower a cars suspension and some disadvantages to it as well.

Of some of the advantages a big one is aerodynamics. When the vehicle sits closer to the ground it decreases the amount of air that goes underneath the vehicle, which then reduces the amount of drag on the car. It also helps out with the cars handling and traction. With the car being closer to the ground it can actually improve the tires grip on the road which allows for better handling. There is a point in which it becomes too much and actually hinders the performance of the vehicle. Being lower to the ground also reduces the risk of rolling over. Lowering the car lowers the center of gravity for that vehicle which reduces the chances of flipping it over. Depending on how you lower the car, it can also improve the way it feels in terms of comfort. Lowering it can make the car feel smoother and less prone to rattling around, but this is all dependent on how you lower it. In some cases it makes it drastically worse.

Although there are many perks to lowering a car, it does come with some significant disadvantages too.

As soon as you lower the cars clearance you are significantly increasing the risk of bottoming out. This is when the bottom of the vehicle scrapes against the ground. This is especially troublesome when you have to go over speed bumps or go over any sort of incline. Even getting into sloped driveways or entry ways can be a nightmare. If that wasn’t already an issue, you also wear the tires unevenly. Lowering a car often adjusts the wear pattern of the tires and increases your chances of a blowout. This also goes hand in hand with the actual technical components of the suspension. It’ll actually bring the suspension closer to other parts on the car, for example the fenders in the wheel well. By bringing it down so far, if you were to try and turn your vehicle it can actually cause it to rub against the fenders.

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