Why do some cars have an obnoxious sounding exhaust?

The exhaust systems now a days can be pretty difficult to tell wether or not it would be considered ricey but we can talk about a common misconception.

Muffler size

Many people and car enthusiasts alike are under the false impression that a wider diameter pipe causes more noise from a car engine. For example, how many times have you seen an old Honda civic going down the road with a big can looking thing on the back of it? Probably sounded pretty terrible right? Again many people are under the impression that that style muffler will give it a louder and more impressive sound than a smaller one, this is false. The decibel level is determined by many different factors even including the motor itself. Less restriction and or fewer baffles are what increases the sound in the exhaust not the size of the piping. Piping does however denote the pitch at which the exhaust note is played at. Typically the larger the actual piping is, the higher the pitch will be. Many tuners and or adept modification enthusiasts know this fact to be true, where as the 18 year old with his Del Sol in the high school parking lot has yet to discover. Another misconceptions with amateur enthusiasts is that the exhaust tips actually improve performance. Depending on the car and part, it can even retard the performance of the car, unless a truly less restriction portion of the system is replaced or installed. In conclusion, a quick tip for spotting a ricer is a large fart can on the back of an exhaust. Below is also a video that I’ve found that shows different types of cars and exhaust notes common to tuners and ricers.

**As a heads up, there is explicit language in this video and comments that are a little distasteful as well. These are not comments of my own, this video just had some of the best videos for sound**

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